Welcome to The Afrino Sheep Breeders’ Society of South Africa

In 1976 it was evident that the cross consisting of 25% Merino, 25% Ronderib Afrikaner and 50% SA Mutton Merino best fulfilled the requirements set for the new breed. It was decided to retain only this cross for further upgrading and development of the breed that is today known as the Afrino. On 5 February 1980, the Afrino Sheep Breeders’ Society was established at a meeting on the Carnarvon Experimental Station and breed standards for this new white woolled mutton breed were drawn up. Read more

An easy care, dual purpose breed that thrives in the harshest conditions and offers high net profits!

Afrino Sheep

In Afrino sheep 80 % of income is generated through meat production and 20 % through wool production. The main selection objective is therefore to increase lifetime weight of lamb produced per ewe. Read more

Important Dates

Hantam Lewendehawe bied aan ‘n gesamenlike produksieveiling

10 Augustus 2016

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Grootfontein College of Agriculture has a proud training and research history contributing to the prosperity of livestock farming in the Karoo and other arid regions.

For guidelines on small stock performance testing, please visit  www.gadi.agric.za.co.za


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